Hepato pancreato biliary surgery

HPB Surgery is an emerging specialty in India. It is a subspecialty of surgery specific to benign and malignant diseases of the liver, pancreas, and biliary tree. HPB surgery is a complex high-end specialty that requires specialized training and/or experience.
Portal triad clinic is a Centre for Liver and Pancreas Sciences (CLPS). CLPS has one of the best liver and pancreas specialists in India. The doctors here have vast experience in the field of HPB Surgery. We at CLPS offer world-class consultation and treatment for complex liver, pancreas, and biliary tract problems.

HPB Surgery is divided into three major branches:

Deals with benign and malignant diseases of the Liver.
Deals with benign and malignant conditions of Pancreas
Deals with benign and malignant diseases of gall bladder and biliary tree.
CLPS has one of the best HPB surgical specialists in India. The most common problems dealt by HPB Surgeons are:

Liver cancer

Primary liver cancer (originating in the liver) can be

Benign liver lesions

Non-cancerous tumors in the liver are

Cystic conditions of the Liver

Cystic lesions of the liver are

Fatty liver/ NAFLD (Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease)

Liver Cirrhosis

Liver Cirrhosis may be due to:

Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer can affect the head, uncinated process, neck, body, or tail of the pancreas. Adenocarcinoma is the most common cancer of the pancreas.

Cystic neoplasms of the Pancreas

They are divided into:

Solitary pseudo-papillary tumor/ Frantz tumor

Acute pancreatitis

It is an acute inflammation of the pancreas. The most common causes are alcohol and gall stones.

Chronic pancreatitis

It is chronic(long-term) inflammation of the pancreas caused predominantly by alcohol. It can also be due to hereditary and genetic factors.

Gall stones

Gall stones are the most common biliary pathology. It is formed when the gall bladder ceases to function. It may present as

Biliary duct stones

It can be primary(formed in the bile duct) or secondary (formed in the gall bladder and migrated). It may present with jaundice, fever with chills and rigors, and shock.

Bile duct injury

It is predominantly iatrogenic, secondary to operations of the gall bladder. It is a complex injury and needs expertise in managing such diseases.

Biliary strictures

It is a narrowing in the biliary tree and can be because of multiple factors.

Biliary tract cancers( hilar, mid and distal cholangiocarcinomas)

They predominantly present with jaundice. Sometimes may present with cholangitis. (infection in the biliary tree)

Biliary Cysts (Choledochal cyst)

Gall bladder cancer

One of the most common cancer in people from the Ganges river belt. Early diagnosis leads to a complete cure. The advanced disease usually has a poor prognosis. CLPS surgeons are one of the best gall bladder specialist surgeons in India.

Why choose Portal triad clinic?

We are one of the best Liver, biliary, and pancreas specialists in India. We have vast expertise in the field of HPB surgery. We are compassionate and focused to deliver the best treatment, top-notch innovations, and advancements to our patients at affordable cost. The patient first approach is our motto!

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Venkatesh ArunVenkatesh Arun
17:47 10 Nov 22
Dear Readers, only one word just Awesome Dr Nivas sir and Dr. Venkat sir. High patience, more knowledge, young dynamic team. Strongly suggested to everyone. Such a nice humanity humble response to all questions. Explaining all in quite matter. Sir will speak very limited but more information gathering from patients. My father- in-lawWent for colorectal resection surgery he is doing good now.Thanks you sir 🙏
My 75 years old grandmother got Breast Cancer. Dr. Nivas diagnosed her and did the necessary procedures immediately. She did her surgery 3 months ago and now my grandmother’s health is much better.Diagnosis of Dr. Nivas is so accurate and at such young age he is so experienced and qualified to handle any type of issues. Also he is very friendly and a good listener. People visiting his clinic can expect a positive result and a polite response from him. The staffs working there are very kind too.Highly recommend visiting here!!
Swapna MariyilSwapna Mariyil
22:39 19 Oct 22
Good doctors are good communicators..Dr. Nivas had the best knowledge and an extremely patience doctor. He helped me in explaining what my issues were and really took his time to explain my conditions with me as well as my treatment option. I had a great visit which has really put me at ease, so I highly recommend this clinic.Thank you doctors for your endless and tireless efforts..
15:01 18 Oct 22
This clinic is well recommended. My experience with Dr. Nivas and his Department took a good responsibility with great interpretation of the medical condition and their hospitality. The staff also gave us immense comfort when being admitted to the hospital. Thank you so much for taking good care for my sister father.
14:23 18 Oct 22
Dr. Nivas s very cool and calm. He s very polite towards u. He asked each and every problem patiently n suggested me for endoscopy. Now feeling better. Ambience of the clinic is also good. And staff at the reception is very polite.

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